Monday, June 11, 2012

Hardee's Ride for Hope

7th Annual
Hardee's Ride for Hope
Saturday, May 14, 2016

Previous Rides

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Riders may visit the 8 area Hardee's in 
whatever order they prefer. Route is approx 125 miles.
Registration is at either Hardee's Home Depot-Dothan
Hardee's-Abbeville or Hardee's-Enterprise
Card Route

Store 1
Main Registration
Hardee's by Home Depot
Dothan, AL

Store 2
Near W. Main @ SAMC
Dothan, AL

Store 3
Hwy 231 South (S. Oates Street) 
near Walmart
Dothan, AL

Store 4
On Corner of Hwy 52 & Hwy 167
Hartford, AL

Store 5
Just off Boll Weevil Circle on 
Rucker Blvd
Enterprise, AL
Alternate registration & start

Store 6
Just off 231
Ozark, AL

Store 7
On Hwy 431
Abbeville, AL
Alternate registration & start

Store 8
On Hwy 431
Headland, AL

Additional Route Suggestions
Take 431 N to Headland & Abbeville
                                                                            Take Hwy 27 from Abbeville to Ozark
                                                                           Take Hwy 27 from Ozark to Enterprise
                                                                         Take Hwy 167 from Enterprise to Hartford
                                                                           Take Hwy 52 from Hartford to Dothan

#1 Route Suggestion (submitted by rider) for Enterprise

#2 Route Suggestion (submitted by rider) for Enterprise
Route Suggestion (submitted by rider) for Abbeville

Route Suggestion (submitted by rider) for Dothan

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hardee's Ride for Hope--Motorcycle Ride

2012 Ride Rictures
Grand prize winner!
Registration in Dothan

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